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Our staff takes great care in planning for each days activities to ensure that all of our participants enjoy their junior lifeguard experience to the greatest extent possible. Many factors are taken into consideration such as ocean conditions and the skill level and interests of the participants.

In order toensure the safety of all participants we have designated specific locations for parents to drop-off and pickup their children. Our staff will meet them here and escort them to the program location. Drop-off and pickup are also the best times for parents to meet with our staff to ask questions or to provide us with any information concerning their participants.

From the intersection of Niguel Rd. and Pacific Coast Highway turn west on Ritz Carlton Dr. (towards the ocean). Turn right into the metered parking lot across from the hotel entrance. The participant pick-up and drop-off point is on the left at the entrance to the path to the beach.

Salt Creek Beach pick-up and drop-off location

“A”, “B”, AND “C” GROUPS
On the first day participants are assigned to the A, B, or C group according to their age.

A Group:13 to 17 years old and all Assistant Instructors
B Group: 11 to 12 years old
C Group: 8 to 10 years old

Participants may be reassigned as needed based upon skill level or request.


We provide a variety of activities each day to keep our program exciting! New topics and activities are introduced each day to keep our participants interested and engaged. Daily activities include the following:

Health and physical fitness
• Stretching and aerobic exercises
• Proper nutrition
• Alcohol and drug use prevention
• Skin cancer prevention/Sun protection

• Red Cross basic life support training
• Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (C.P.R.)
• First-aid for injuries
• Treatment and protection of C-Spine (neck injuries)

Rescue Techniques
• Preventive lifeguarding skills
• Identification of ocean conditions
• Rescue paddleboard training
• Distressed swimmers
• Mock ocean rescues

Essentials 2 Daily Activities Daily Activities 4 Daily Activities 3 Daily Activities 2

Educational Activities
• Project Wipeout (Prevention of C-Spine injuries)
• Local Fire, Sheriff, and Harbor Patrol presentations
• Oceanography and marine biology
• Environmental impacts and issues

Recreational Activities
• Basic surfing and bodyboarding instruction
• Free-swim periods
• Beach games and competitions
• Crazy-hair days, sandwich day, and cookie day

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