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2016_hb208HB208 HYBRID SUP PACKAGE – ONLY $499.99

The HB208 hybrid SUP is a perfect choice for entry level paddlers and is flexible for use on flatwater or coastal environments. The HB208’s all-around performance on various and different environments is primarily due to a conservative-moderate hybrid rocker curve.  The HB208 nose rocker is flat enough to allow smooth planing on flatwater while the tail rocker is curved enough to keep the nose above wind chopped water and small waves.

The HB208 features an extra wide platform for maximum stability while paddling.  An integrated utility tie-down bungee system allows paddlers to safely secure belongings and life-vests.  All JIMMY STYKS® epoxy stand-up paddleboards include the revolutionary JS self-breathing vent handle featuring GORE-TEX™ membranes.  This is the hassle-free way to ensure proper air pressure regulation of your SUP.  The HB208 includes a complete set of accessories to get you out of the box and into the water!

The HB208 Package includes:

  • HB208 HYBRID Stand-Up Paddle Board
  • Adjustable Composite Paddle
  • Padded Board Bag
  • 10ft. Coil Leash


  • Triple Layer Epoxy/Fiberglass Deck
  • Molded 2 lb. cu/ft3 EPS core
  • 3 molded-in plywood stringers
  • Double Layer Epoxy/Fiberglass Deck
  • Clear coat and Polished Finish
  • 3/2 Epoxy method for maximum strength at a light weight


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