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newlogoThe California Junior Lifeguard Programs are pleased to announce the celebration of 25 years of service. Since 1991, it has been the goal of the California Junior Lifeguard Programs to guide youth down a positive path. We strive to establish core values and skills for our participants such as: ocean safety, physical conditioning, camaraderie, environmental education, First Aid/CPR and overall confidence. These invaluable skills are carried on far beyond the Junior Lifeguard Programs, and into the community.

As we enter our 25th exciting year, we are grateful for the chance to celebrate this milestone with our participants. We will be holding a Silver Anniversary Giveaway; this will consist of 14 weeks of 25 prize giveaways. Each week, two prizes will be given away, leading up to the grand prizes on weeks 13 and 14.

 We welcome you to join us in our celebration and look forward to another exciting summer season.

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