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The first day was mostly orientation, so it was mostly easy for me.  For the fitness challenge two days later, we ran two lifeguard towers on hard sand which was hard.  Free swim I did today as a C like most other days and its really fun.  A few days later, we did the buoy swim and it was very hard because it was my first time swimming this far in the ocean, a little past the waves.  Later, we did the Anderson run, about 2 miles on hard sand which was also challenging because I have never ran that far.  Another day we did the Jetty run, about 3.2 miles, it was really hard because it was farther than the Anderson run that I got tired on.  At the end of the session, running the lifeguard tower used to be challenging, but now it was very easy.  The last day was very fun with lots of games and extra long free swim.  I am no longer scared by large waves, and the fact that there are stingrays in the water.
I would highly recommend this program because it makes you a lot stronger in running and swimming.

Andrew T. (2nd Session Sunset Beach 2012)

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