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Tread water for 5 minutes
Swim underwater for 10 yards
Swim 100 yards in 2 1/2 minutes or less (Adjusted for testing location and conditions) using any stroke desired, without fins or other assistance.

All tryouts are conducted by ARC certified lifeguard personnel of the California Junior Lifeguard programs. All candidates must submit a completed and signed application prior to trying out.

All prospective junior lifeguard candidates ages 8 to 17 must attend and successfully complete a tryout session at one of the locations listed below prior to being accepted into the program. Candidates who have successfully completed a recognized junior lifeguard program in the past ARE NOT required to tryout again. Please submit a copy of your child’s certificate of completion if this is the case.


Sat. May 22nd – Irvine Aquatic – 3pm to 5pm

Sat. June 19th  – Irvine Aquatic – 3pm to 5pm


An alternative for candidates who are unable to attend the scheduled tryouts is to have the tryout administered by an authorized individual at the location of their choice. Authorized individuals who may administer the off-site tryout include:

Certified Lifeguards
Local swimming coaches or instructors
Local chapter of the American Red Cross

The procedures for off-site testing are:

Download off-site testing form
Have tryout administered by an authorized individual
Return completed form and application (along with your deposit)
California Junior Lifeguard Programs
P.O. Box 1639
Huntington Beach, CA 92647-1639

Conditioning classes are available to help prepare participants for a summer of swimming. Classes are conducted in a fun, stress-free, group environment, and are open to new and returning participants. Class instruction provided by our ARC certified lifeguards and offer instruction in the following areas:

Proper warm-up procedures
Swimming physical fitness
Correct stroke techniques
Movement and efficiency

New participants will have an opportunity to pass the Junior Lifeguard tryout during the class (depending on their swimming level and ability.) Participation in the conditioning class does not guarantee that the participant will pass the tryout. Further classes or attending a regular tryout may be required.

The cost of the Group Conditioning Class is $45.00 for each 1-Hour session. A maximum of 10 participants per class will be accepted. To place a reservation at a conditioning class:

Return completed application (along with Class fee)
California Junior Lifeguard Programs
P.O. Box 1639
Huntington Beach, CA 92647-1639

Junior lifeguard tryouts are held at several locations in Orange County. Participants may attend any tryout session and return as many times as necessary to successfully complete the tryout requirements.

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Irvine Aquatic Center,
(William Woolett Jr. Center)
4601 Walnut Ave. near Yale
Irvine, CA
(714) 901-9030

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Capistrano Valley High, Mission Viejo
26301 Via Escolar
Mission Viejo, CA

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